Resort + tech + LARP = awesome

So I’m writing this on my phone from our room at Great Wolf Lodge, where do I begin? First of all, let me be clear, it’s pricey. However, it’s also brilliant. The indoor water park is awesome, if a bit high on chlorine content (what do you expect though). The room key is an RFID bracelet that lets you access all resort facilities and shops…nothing to carry. And the masterpiece (which I am right now trying to decide how to take everywhere) is MagiQuest, a pseudo-LARP ( live action role play) using a magic wand and technology. Quests are issued and tracked, and you wander the hotel in search of clues and treasure. Sort of like local, tech based geocaching. I saw entire families (including ours) climbing 7 flights of stairs (in the ‘secret staircase’) -repeatedly- to capture all the wand points at each floor. Exercise, quests, treasure, experience points….Blizzard/WoW needs to learn how to do this. I must figure out how to do this at my home, neighborhood, local mall/grocery store/etc.

It’s not me, it’s you

I just finished my annual pilgrimage of the mind…the one where I contemplate NOT renewing my iOS developer license because once again, I procrastinated a year away of nothing but a few minor updates…and, as usual I rationalize myself into another year. Usually this coincides roughly with a new major version of iOS about to be released, and realizing that I need to re-up my MonoTouch license as well, so I can recompile my laggard apps so they don’t crash when everyone downloads iOS #NEW. So last night, I fire everything up, it’s all going smoothly, until I hit Application Loader.

“Unable to process application Info.plist validation at this time due to a general error ”

Well after redoing my Info.plist twice from scratch, one line at a time, and watching it break eventually after adding all required parts, I finally found some current threads by other people exhibiting the exact same issue, as well as periodic similar issues over the last few years. So I slept on it, and tonight, the package submitted successfully right away. All is right with the world.