Hosting Provider Changes – GET THE LATEST DRIVERS

So, I just finished migrating from one hosting provider….BACK TO THE SAME hosting provider. As a developer, I realized I could save close to 50% on hosting fees by just signing up for a ‘new’ hosting account as my old one expired (with a month of rollover time for safety). I talked to someone from support and confirmed this was ok to do, and then moved my sites and services from account A to account B with a bit of downtime from registering domains from one to the other.

So the last battle I was fighting was getting a WCF REST service (4.0) running – it worked fine from my local machine, but when I uploaded it, connecting to MySQL always got an ‘access is denied’. After messing with it for 3 hours, I finally just downloaded the latest drivers, uploaded the new DLL to the server, and voila! Back in business….