Xamarin Rules

So it’s been a while now since I first purchased MonoTouch, waaaay back in the Novell days. I wanted to do some iOS development, but my daily driver is C#, and it seemed like a great onramp to iOS development.

Now, with Xamarin fully owning the MonoTouch bits, it’s 100 times better and more polished, so much so that I’ll probably never bother touching XCode in any significant fashion. I know it’s lazy, but I’m lazy. Well, lazy in an ‘efficient’ way, not lazy in a ‘slacker’ way. Why bother with yet another language and IDE if I can accomplish the same thing using tools similar to what I already use full-time?

I got an email FROM Xamarin the other day saying something like “Hey Apple changed some of the calls that used to be unrestricted to now be privileged calls, so if you are using X in your app, (in my case Console.Write for debugging messages) your app will crash with iOS 5.1.” … followed by “if you download the latest MonoTouch and recompile this will be fixed”.

So something that would have probably required me to change some code had I been doing the same thing in XCode  was reduced to downloading a MonoTouch update, recompiling, and submitting the updated App to the App Store. I’ll take that any day.

I <3 Xamarin.

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