It’s not me, it’s you

I just finished my annual pilgrimage of the mind…the one where I contemplate NOT renewing my iOS developer license because once again, I procrastinated a year away of nothing but a few minor updates…and, as usual I rationalize myself into another year. Usually this coincides roughly with a new major version of iOS about to be released, and realizing that I need to re-up my MonoTouch license as well, so I can recompile my laggard apps so they don’t crash when everyone downloads iOS #NEW. So last night, I fire everything up, it’s all going smoothly, until I hit Application Loader.

“Unable to process application Info.plist validation at this time due to a general error ”

Well after redoing my Info.plist twice from scratch, one line at a time, and watching it break eventually after adding all required parts, I finally found some current threads by other people exhibiting the exact same issue, as well as periodic similar issues over the last few years. So I slept on it, and tonight, the package submitted successfully right away. All is right with the world.

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