Windows 8 – Cannot Link to Facebook

So there is this whole ‘charms’ interface in Windows 8 (hover your pointer in the upper left corner) with a nice ‘Share’ button. However, since Facebook doesn’t have an official Windows 8 app, it doesn’t show up as an option when you click the ‘Share’ button.

However, you DO get a ‘Share’ option called ‘People’ – if you click that, then ‘Connect to Facebook’ is an option.

EVERY time I tried to ‘Connect to Facebook’ from the People app, I got the message “We can not connect to the service you need right now. Please check your network settings or try again later.” You may get similar or other errors when trying to connect Twitter or Google accounts in the same fashion.

The fix (at least for me) was to go to and authorize the Facebook/Twitter/Google connections from there first.

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