The joys of ‘anonymous’ feedback.

I would like to briefly share why I do not like the feedback model of the iPhone and Android markets. I will preface this by saying that I have built a few simple apps, do not charge for them (for the most part), and use them all personally. To be fair, I also have received a good amount of detailed, critical ratings that actually explained what they would like to see and what their issues were with the app - that kind of ‘bad’ feedback is always welcomed.


Jeff (commenting on an app that i built in conjunction with a Christian parenting organization) – 1 star

“Its a infomercials lots of infomercials how dumb is this five stars of pooop and they call their self Christian LOL”

I suspect Jeff was not /really/ looking for parenting help. If he was, I pray for him and his children.

Tori (commenting on an app that facilitates tracking your ‘debt snowball’ a la Dave Ramsey) – 2 stars

“It is LLLAAMMEE it wont let you do anny thing it is boring”

Because tracking your debt should be EXCITING! And should also let you control your TV.