Back in the [iOS] saddle again.

I thought I would take this opportunity to inform the world that, yes, I have relicensed MonoTouch [now by XAMARIN!] after a brief foray into Objective-C. MonoTouch is far too nice a crutch to give up now, especially given that I am developing on Android and Windows Phone as well, and just don’t have the time or patience to step back into the land of pointers and such.

In related news, I also updated my Mac Mini to Lion. And it immediately blew up my finely-tuned Vine Server VNC setup (the mac mini is hidden away on a shelf somewhere, and I access it only via VNC). But, soon after, I figured out ‘Screen Sharing’ at least and am up and running again. [No, I am /not/ a 'Mac' person].

MonoDevelop and MonoTouch have come a long way just in the last several months – I’m feeling motivated to put out some fresh iOS 5 updates!