Bringing Order To Your Business
Entropy Specialists - Mobile Development for Business and Christian Outreach Welcome to Entropy Specialists Whether you still operate parts of your business on paper, or have a full complement of technology solutions in place, complexity and disorder are bound to find their way into your operations. Our focus is to assist clients in identifying opportunities to short-circuit complexity in their systems and processes.

Our current technical focus is specifically on building mobile applications on the Windows Phone 7, Android, and iOS (iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad) platforms, but we have a wide background of technical and business consulting expertise across multiple industries.

We also continue to do a significant amount of work with Christian outreach applications - we have our own projects, but we are certainly open to partnering with your charitable group if you have great ideas and tight (or non-existent) budgets.
News & Events Prayer Cookie - now on Windows Phone 7 Christian prayer helper - Now available for iOS, Android, and Windows Phone 7. CRM 2011 Online - Contact List Available on Android - provides read-only, disconnected access to contact information, with functionality for email/call/mapping. Now serving the Android & iPhone platforms Debt Snowball, Dynamics CRM 2011, Prayer Cookie, and more!